Infants' Daycare in Montréal

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Based in Montréal, our infants' daycare welcomes your little one in a warm and safe environment.

Infants' Daycare Montréal

A Daycare for Infants in Your City

Based in Montréal, just minutes from Cartierville and Ahuntsic, our infants' daycare can accommodate up to ten babies. The goal of our private daycare is to provide a calm, stimulating and safe environment where parents of these cities can leave their babies with complete peace of mind.

Besides, our educational programme is designed to develop children's early learning, social and emotional skills.

Our infants' daycare serves the needs of parents in Montréal and the surrounding areas

A Committed Team to Take Care of Infants

Our team of trained and qualified educators at the daycare centre ensures the harmonious development of your baby. Moreover, we offer a host of daycare services that honour the uniqueness of each child.

In addition to the time dedicated to hygiene, rest and meals, we also focus on developing the babies' senses through a series of activities carried out in facilities and areas that have  been specially designed to help them blossom.

Our infants' daycare helps your baby reach their full potential

Our Services
  • Nursery School
  • Private Daycare
  • Infants' Daycare
  • Daycare Services
  • Comprehensive Educational Programme at the Daycare
What Sets Us Apart
  • Comprehensive and Specialized Educational Programmes
  • A Trained, Certified and Qualified Staff
  • Stimulating Activities
  • An Eco-Friendly Nursery School

Our daycare is based in Montréal, near Cartierville and Ahuntsic.

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With years of experience in childcare, we teach your kids healthy habits from an early age.